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(adj.) one whom whistles in extraordinary quanity or unnecessary circumstances.
holsy shit man, Lew, Mark and Mike sure are whistling bastards! they dont know when to stop whistling! thats all they do all the time!
by Lewis Cafarella March 15, 2008
to hit one in the testicles by complete suprise,although it doesnt have to be a complete blow,it could be used just to make one flinch. this term was developed by Matthew Skura, Michael Manns, Lewis Cafarella, and Mark Manns of Buffalo, NY. (note: hitting one in the sac wasnt developed by these people,only the term to do so.)
Matt says to Mike, "Watch this Lew is coming down the hall and im gonna give him the biggest sac shot he's ever had!"
by Lewis Cafarella March 15, 2008
a secret language made up of mostly jibberish, developed by Lewis Cafarella and Michael Manns of Buffalo, NY in the late 90's and early 00's. only people within the group they hung out with truly knew its meaning. its popularity later declined as the group became older,but is still not completely unused. if the group comes together every once and a while and consumes alcoholic bevereges, the banas will be flying out all over the place.
the banas in use from its origin. Lewis says, "Sen bwen diddly ote deet doot deet dot." to which Mike replied, "Bananow?"
by Lewis Cafarella March 15, 2008
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