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Although it's unknown what it actually stands for, this rather painful injection is given to Scottish children around the age of 13. As the injection site quickly develops into an extremely painful, puss-filled giant boil, many people without BCG's find it funny to hit people on the arm as hard as they can. However, this can backfire, rumours have circulated of the boils squirting pus over their attacker's fist.
Kid without BCG - "Waaaaaaay!" *hits kid with BCG on arm*

Kid with BCG - (screaming in pain) Aaaargh, my fucking BCG! Shit, shit, shit!
by Leweh June 13, 2007
A method of getting to the top place in an alphabetically sorted list. Numbers can also used but can be considered "cheating", also some lists such as this one do not allow numbers at the start of names.

The common "AAAA" does not work as spaces and quote marks come before the letter A in most lists.

It is rumoured that the exclamation mark (!) is the first character on any list, so having "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" at the start of your title would guarantee fame.
A " A " Look at me, I'm so cool, I'm the first person on this dictionary!
by Leweh February 14, 2006

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