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A boning marathon is an incredibly erotic time when a couple has tremendous sex for extended periods of time. A boning marathon often lasts for upwards of two hours. It takes indredible endurance from both the man and the woman. A boning marathon is often started after alot of drinking. As we all know, drunks last longer....if not forever. You can usually identify the participants of a boning marathon by their walk. They usually walk a little funny after hours and hours of hoTT sex.
My girlfriend and I got drunk and ended up having a two hour boning marathon.......hoTT!!!
by Levee mayor February 14, 2010
Whore-fume is the fragrance that is on your clothes after you leave a strip club, an escort, or a random "other girl". Whore-fume will get you busted every time you try to deny being out with a different woman. If your clothing has whore-fume on it, it is best to burn them before going home.
My girlfriend smelled the whore-fume on me when I came home from the strip club. I was busted.
by Levee Mayor February 05, 2010

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