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A person who leaves their clothes unattended in the dryers or washers. This person usually forgets about their clothes and often leaves them for an extended period of time after their clothes have finished in the unit. This usually takes place in laundry facilities on college campuses. Also, no one wants to take that persons clothes out of said machines.
These laundry fucks totally made me have to wait an extra 40 minutes just for an open dryer!
by Leubert McCracken September 24, 2010
The tapping sound made when a man's testicles hit his hand while masturbating.
John: (Tapping sound)

Roy: Dude could you please wait till I'm out of the room at least to jack off? Don't say you didn't because I can totally hear your jack taps over here.
by Leubert McCracken January 12, 2011
When you drop a pencil in class and reach down to get it, and it rolls away even further when you touch it and usually to a spot where it cannot be reached.
Martin: (drops pencil) (reaches down to grab it) "DAMMIT THAT WAS MY ONLY PENCIL!"

Joe to Dave: "Ouch! That Sucks.."

Dave to Joe: "yeah he totally just got pencil gipped."
by Leubert McCracken July 30, 2010
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