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An ostenibly straight male that if observed solely by his electronically transmitted written word could be taken as gay.

Common in pvp video games and on the chat forums surrounding such games, the homotextual will claim to be straight and love women and women's bodies, but his every digital utterance is laced with aggressive homosexual inference.

Typically a psychological side effect of mommy not holding them as children and daddy thinking them weak for crying when they fell off their bike, these individuals spend the majority of their time attempting to assert dominance over the other males in a pack-like mode, via the only medium common to males between puberty and death, aggressive and overt sexual advance.
Tyranny Tard: lol i just fukken RAPED that guy. I totally fucked him in the ass. I was like, so you think yer hot shit, well let's duel and he totally sucked dick. I mean my cock was in his lungs i face-owned him so hard.

Cimmeria Player: So....you like the boys then?

Tyranny Tard: Fuck you, asshole! I'm a reaL MAN! I get more pussy in a week than you'll see your whole life, fucking RP homo! Come suck my dick little rp faggot, let me fuck you in the ear!

Cimmeria Player:...So...you like the boys then?

Tyranny Tard: No, son! I ain't queer like u.

Cimmeria Player: ...ah.

Tyranny Tard: What?

Cimmeria Player: You are a homotextual. But it's cool, I don't judge.
by Letsbreakit August 04, 2009
What some folk have that makes them think they can talk big to others from behind a keyboard on their faggoty little iPhone.

Typically found on internet forums, where the above dwell like light-hating troglodytes waiting to spring upon and shred anything regardless of its validity or reason.
New guy to game: I have a question about this quest objective, I can't seem to unlock it.

D00d with texticles: lololol L2P newb! Don't make come over and fuck you in the ear!!!!11!!1

NGTG: Really? I just asked a simple question, that's not necessary.

D00D: GFYS!!1 Go DIAF nub! I'll come to your work and piss on your desk and rape your cat!11!!! LAWLZ!!!!11!

Other guy in forum: Ignore him, new guy, he found an exploit and has been griefing everyone. I think his texticles just dropped the ther day and he thinks he's hot shit.

D00D: muthafucka i am 6'10 320 pouns jujitzu and mooey tie 8 dan streetfighter i will pwn u irl an u lucky i canno leave the st8 becuz im on paroll for killing tre fools that talk shit to me.
by Letsbreakit August 04, 2009
Neologism combing potent and pungent.
One could always tell that Jake had been at the grog and jalapenos again when his particular pogent aroma would waft through the office and peel the paint.
by Letsbreakit June 19, 2009
Screen Shot OR Bull Shit
The general understanding that any claim made on the internet or about actions on the internet may be questioned or discounted unless suitable photographic or screen-capture evidence is supplied.
This nutsack was trying to have us believe that he had taken out five level 80 Horde, which included a ret pally and a fire-specced mage, on his rogue solo.

We called on the SSORBS Clause, and he vanished from the forums.
by Letsbreakit September 16, 2009
Blowjob with cold hands and lots of teeth.
When Kuato_Lives' girlfriend went down on him, the only sensation he could feel beyond the aching cold of her hands was the violent scrape of her teeth. While he appreciated the effort, the Polar Bear Head just wasn't going to work.
by Letsbreakit February 19, 2014

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