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Squegg or Squeggs-syn. scare(s)

Squeggy-scary, weird, obscure

Squegging-the act of scaring, or creeping out another

Squegged or Squegged Out-to be scared or weirded out
1. Dude, I am so gonna squegg the sh!t outta Ryan!

2.Aah! That haunted house was so squeggy!

3.That one carnie was really squegging Amanda last nite.

4. I was so squegged out by that clown at the circus today.
by Lethal-M November 19, 2004
The stray pubic hair that sticks to one's upper lip after giving so many blowjobs that the cum gets crusty and causes hair to stick.
Jim Sinkevich has a fuckin' pube lip man...I'm suprised you cant see the little swimmers playin hide and go seek on his lip.
by Lethal-M January 01, 2004

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