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a melodic melodic-metalcore band from Orange County.
guy #1 "hey man did you go to that atreyu show?"

guy #2 "yeah, i got kicked in the face."
by lethal February 02, 2005
Of or pertaining to annoying little dogs that f*ck the crap out of anything.
Pugsley fucked that guy in the face.
by Lethal June 16, 2003
Ponese for 'Home'. Often used when 'Pony' types home via mobile SMS service due to his poor spelling ability.
I'm going homf, you guys are picking on me
by Lethal July 02, 2003
Commonly mistaken as a "cute face", :3 is actually a symobol used when you want to Tea bag someone.

*Tea bag - To perform the tea bag, have the girl lay flat on her back. Then you squat over her with your hands on your knees, and gently dip your nut sac in and out of her mouth in a motion similar to performing some kinda fucked up yoga exercise. (curtesy of Dirty Provebs dot com)
<h0r> :3
<Lethal> Why do you always stick my balls in your mouth? :(
<h0r> Because I love to be tea bagged!
by Lethal November 28, 2004

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