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Characterized as a small hobbit-like creature who thrives in small groups of sea urchins. Often very irritating to be around for more than a few minutes, respects the commonwealth.
Oh man, I just cannot get AWAY from him, hes such a spluke.
by LessonMaster November 10, 2010
someone knowledgable and intelligent. This person is often referred to as the "lesson master" due to their ability to school people, generally in mathematics. This person may be a mathematical genius.
wow, you really got a good grade on that chapter test, youre the lesson master!
by LessonMaster November 10, 2010
Characterized as a dumb slut, can also be referred to as a slutzilla. Someone referred to as a milos often wears inappropriate clothing and enjoys making jokes that aren't funny. Beware of these trashy people, they often make offensive comments towards religions.
Wow that girl is wearing an open back shirt, what a milos!
by LessonMaster November 10, 2010
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