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the greatest city in the world.
home to the best of all cultures, unfortunatly chavs seem to have emerged aswell.
the north london is a great and glorious land of golden streets etc. while the south should home to many many people but is hardly on the tube map, theres a reason.
The most egotistical city there is, theres a better reason.
'where shall we go today'
'we could go south london'
both burst out laughing
'but on a more serious not there is so much south and not any transport their, i wonder why there isnt any'
'thats easy, nobody wants to go there.'
by Leseid Nov January 30, 2005
A cancer of the working class of britain. which has unfortunatly spread to most youths.
they originate from the american 'gangstas' who they copied in the 90s.
they breed near the closest jd/jjb/first sport for their favorite nike etc fashion.
stealing money is for profit, phones are for sport.
'YO blud wat hav u got for me!'
'i saw that fone...3310 dats a liberty. cum bak wit a better fone!'
by Leseid Nov January 30, 2005

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