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the K9 that belonged to the wonderful lead singer of Sublime Bradley James Nowell (1968-1996). Brads dog was a wonderful dog who died in 2001. Brads dog was a dalmation and brad loved his dog very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very much. I was not fortunate enough to meet brad but he was good at everything. The main thing he struggled with was heroin. RIP BRADELY
P.S keep on waiting for your Ruca on the eastside.
Brad always talked about Lew-dog in all of his songs. In the song garden grove he says. we took a trip to garden grove, smelled like lew dog inside the van oh yah this aint no funkey reghea party five $ at the door, it gets so real sometimes who wrote my rhymes of got the microwave got the vcr and ive got that duce duce in the trunk of my car, ohhyahh if you only new all the love that i found its hard to keep my soul off the ground your a fool dont f@#k around with my dog (lou dog barks) all that i can see dlkfalksj I fill up my grage music from Jamaica all the love that i found its hard to keep my soul off the ground its you,!, its that S@#t stuck under my shoe its the smell inside the van its my bedsheet covered in sand sittin through a sh@**y band gettin dog s*^t on my hands gettin haseled by the man wakin up to an alram sticken neadles in your arms. ohhh all these things that I do...im waiting for you.
by Leopold Sampsonite March 10, 2006
One who accuses another person of being a communist. The words origin is from the early 1950s during the red scare. Many celebrities were blacklisted
Leonard Bernstein the verdict has just come in. The jury has come to the conclusion that you are a communist. Good day to you sir and may God have mercy on your soul.

This was an act of blacklisting
by Leopold Sampsonite February 07, 2006
One who says things without proof. The origin of this word is from the early 1950s during the red scare. A man with the last name of mcCarthy was blacklisting celebrities without proof. This is the reason why a person would be called a McCarthiest.
Person 1: My house is guarded by 10 electric fences!
Person 2: You lie.
Person 1: Dont you mean im using McCarthyism?
Person 2: Whats McCarthyism?
Person 1: Why dont you look it up at urbandictionary.com
by Leopold Sampsonite February 07, 2006
The definition comes from when you go to your car and the driver unlocks the doors but you pull the handle to soon. What happens from this is your door remains locked but every other door in the car is unlocked. People refer to this as screwing the pooch.
Narrator: Person one and person two are outside of their car as person one unlocks the car doors. Person two accidentily opens the car door too soon making his door stay locked.
Person one: Dude, why you be screwing the pooch!
person two: ya well...ur mom!!!
by leopold Sampsonite February 08, 2006

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