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A tendency or likeliness. Normally used by elitest douche bags when they are trying to assert and display their superior intellect.
"I know your propensity for acting like a total douche bag."
by Leoness8178 June 21, 2007
Titties on a woman who looks like she should have knockers, but doesn't. One points east and one points south, or vice versa. There is usually a weird gap between them, and women with funky little titties always wear low cut shirts to accentuate said gap.
"Dude, Rachael Ray needs implants, she has funky little titties."
by Leoness8178 June 21, 2007
An under educated, under qualified person of authority, most often female, who reached said status by sleeping with whomever necessary to get a promotion. This person routinely pushes any, and all, assignments off onto their subordinates due to a complete lack of knowledge of their workplace. This person is also condesending and takes all credit for a job well done.
"There goes the clueless wonder, off to cash her bonus check."

"Is the clueless wonder going to Puerto Rico on vacation this year?"

"Did you hear the clueless wonder say 'irreguardless'?"
by Leoness8178 June 21, 2007
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