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a charity organization started by 4 young georgians and is now a great sucess. i like teens for tomorrow. www.teensfortomorrow.org
teens for tomorrow is a great organization
by leo January 01, 2005
To decorate for a holiday in a Christmas like manner for some other holiday besides Christmas.
Jill bought some of those orange lights to decorate her bushes for Halloween - yet another annoying example of the Christmastizing of Halloween.
by Leo October 25, 2004
A fwd version of the corolla in from the 1985-1988
fwd, not rwd or 4wd...
by leo August 03, 2004
someone who always says "that's just stupid" and "it gives me the shits"
by leo September 22, 2003
A man with a rather large penis who prays on little girls while getting drunk with a "Leo" type object.
Dude, that wierdo is TOTALLY pulling a defreest
by Leo February 03, 2004
A word describing something as cool as hippos.
Strong bad is oh-so-hippolicious!
by LeO March 19, 2003
when one is on an upper and wants to F everyone up, full of energy
Dam fool i'm hella twaked
by leo December 15, 2004
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