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When a vehicle of any make or value has several tasteless, gaudy, poorly executed modifications.

For example:
Huge, ugly 22"+ chrome wheels that don't flow with the factory styling of the vehicle
Chrome, stick-on fender vents from Auto Zone, installed haphazardly and crooked
Chrome, stick-on numbers identifying the size of the wheels (22'', etc.), installed on the trunk lid or fenders, also crooked
A spoiler that looks like it is meant to be installed on a completely different car/doesn't match the contour of the trunk lid
Air-brushed front license plate with a dumb naggerish slogan like "keep flippin" or "you got you one!"
Faux convertible top or Landau top that is a color that absolutely does not go with the paint
Several conflicting or clashing mods like chrome wheels with gold trim, yellow wall tires, chrome wheel well trim, gold painted emblems, chrome door handles, tan Landau top, all on a two-tone silver and purple car
Vinyl decals in an ugly script signifying the trim level that the driver wished he had, but couldn't afford, like a vinyl "Impala SS" decal on an ate up 9C1 Caprice
And of course, let us not forget the most tasteless, idiotic mod of them all - DONK
Tony: My neighbor, Tyrone, just bought a pewter 2007 Infiniti M35
John: Cool, those are nice cars.
Tony: Yea his was nice until HE bought it. He's only had it for three days and it's already all naggered out with ugly ass rims, silver reflective tint complete with shitloads of bubbles, and a wing that looks like it came off a fuckin' Mitsubishi Galant. Paint doesn't even match.
John: Oh word? I sure hope he didn't go buy that fake chrome that goes on the edge of the doors.
Tony: You better believe he did. And he ran it along the front and back edges and bottoms of all the doors, the hood and the trunk lid.
John: What a stupid nagger.
by Lenny426 October 30, 2009
Mustang GT's and some LX's manufactured between 1979 and 1993 that were equipped with the 5.0 litre V8 engine. (Mustang GT's manufactured between 1994 and 1995 were also equipped with the 5.0 litre V8 but are a different body style and normally not referred to as Mustang 5.0's by enthusiasts). Typically, Mustang 5.0's are driven by overzealous teenagers and douchebags. Most people perform all the same modifications to these cars, which has resulted in tens of thousands of Mustang's that all look, perform and sound exactly alike. However, each Mustang 5.0 owner firmly believes his or her car is superior to any other vehicle on the road and will try to race anyone that proceeds from an intersection faster than them, even if it's an old lady driving a Buick Roadmaster stationwagon. More often than not, an aftermarket Flowmaster exhaust has been installed on these cars. On Friday and Saturday nights, Mustang 5.0's can be heard cruising around town constantly in second or third gear, which causes the Flowmaster mufflers to amplify the distinct hollow rumbling sound that is characteristic of the 5.0 litre V8. The touch hole that's driving does this so that everyone knows he or she is driving a Mustang 5.0. If you look at a Mustang 5.0 as it approaches, the driver will probably bark the throttle a couple times and accelerate as they pass.
Justin: Hey Chad, heard your father bought you a Mustang 5.0, any mods?
Chad: Pony rims, 4 inch cowl induction hood, racing stripes, Cobra intake, E cam, Flowmasters. What about your 5.0? Did you do anything to it this winter?
Justin: Hells yea bitch, my shit's the ballin' tits outrageous. I got Pony rims, 4 inch cowl, racing stripes, Cobra intake, E cam, and Flowmasters.
Chad: We are so original! Let's go cruise around in second gear and rev our engines at girls that couldn't tell the difference between a Mustang and a fucking Toyota Camry.
Justin: Sick nasty!
by Lenny426 April 21, 2008
A combination of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Also known as The Holiday Season. ThanXmas is a span of time beginning around Halloween when retailers' Holiday campaigns' are in full swing and ending around the first week of the new year after the last Holiday sale concludes. Typically ThanXmas is disengaged from specific traditional or religious customs in that those who celebrate tend to forget the actual reason for the Holidays that are observed. ThanXmas or The Holiday Season is a result of advertising campaigns by major retailers that skew the meaning of the Holidays as to make the celebrations appropriate for people of all religions and ethnicities so they, the retailers, can sell more shit. A great example is "The Gift of Giving." Complete bullshit, doesn't even make sense.
Robert: So many people don't even realize that Halloween was a day of religious festivities in various northern European Pagan traditions, Thanksgiving Day is a celebration of the deliverance of the English settlers by Native Americans after the brutal winter at Plymouth, Massachusetts, Hanukkah is about the eternal flame at The Jewish Temple in Jerusalem and Christmas is the observed birthday of the Son of God, Jesus Christ.
Thomas: Dude, shut the fuck up, you're ruining my ThanXmas, I'm trying to get into the Holiday spirit.
by Lenny426 November 26, 2009
This term is not a slight against the Irish. Rather, it is a term used to describe descendants of Irish immigrants that are outrageously proud to be Irish even though they are about as Irish as I am Martian. They have Irish flag stickers on their car, an Irish flag hanging above their bed and an Irish flag tattooed on their arm above their tribal arm band. This person always talks about their Irish grandparents (that were born in Maryland), constantly talks about the trip they took to Ireland when they were 11 years old and explains that they will move to Ireland "some day." They wear Dropkick Murphy's and Flogging Molly tee shirts, but don't own any of the cd's. They are always gloating about Irish heritage, but this person lacks Irish credentials. Examples include, but are not limited to:

a) neither they or anyone in their family has red hair
b) they have a last name like Richards, Bukowski or Weisburg
c) their skin doesn't explode when exposed to direct sunlight
d) they can't hold their booze
e) the latest relative of theirs that actually came over on a boat from Ireland died 97 years ago at age 53
Zack: Are you going on the pub crawl with us this weekend? Dave's wannabe Irish ass said he's gonna drink us all under the table.
Mike: I'll go as long as O'McFinniganly doesn't walk around wrapped in the Irish flag, fake an Irish accent, and throw up and pass out all shitfaced in the middle of the street after the third bar.
Zack: You know that's exactly what'll happen.
Mike: Let's take pictures this time.
by Lenny426 May 13, 2008

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