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Pure distilled evil in liquid form. Chinese firewater that could be used to put a man on a moon of a planet in a far of galaxy. It tastes like a combination of the fires of hell, rotten Indian food and the after effect of China Syndrome. Can be drunk or snorted through the nose, even though neither one is recommended. Health warnings do not apply. If you stupid to drink it, you deserve everything you get. All it has going for it is that it burns with a rather fetching blue flame. Other uses can be an engine de-greaser, curry stain remover, glass etcher, Room 101 torture.
We could avert the forthcoming petrol shortage by filling every car with watered down Baijiu.
by Lenny.Banter April 22, 2006
A complete and utter idiot
That guy is a right fucking clown tool
by Lenny.Banter April 22, 2006
Gullible, gormless idiot. Makes the memory of a goldfish seem long. Its brain has the processing power of an Atari 2600 (wood veneer finish of course) with the power turned off. Lumbers around like a syphilitic, senile turtle but without the good looks. Typically loose with their money, and would like to be as loose with their morals (see previous definition).
1. “Here comes the Wugui, we can fleece him for all the money he has”.
2. A. “Now Wugui, when you go to the market, make sure you barter with them”.
Wugui – (after taking two steps) “Cool, that is the one I’ve been looking for. I’d pay anything for that”. Brandishing a wad of cash.
Cut to loads of market stallholders with dollar signs in their eyes and the word kerching echoing throughout.
3. Wugui - “All these women are hot.”
A. “They charge more if you compliment them, and they’re lady boys.”
Wugui – “Yeah, yeah, whatever. How much. It all feels the same.”
by Lenny.Banter April 22, 2006
Mythical creature found marauding football fields around the world causing damage to unsuspecting players (particularly Korean Goalkeepers). Known to have particularly lethal kick. If directed at a football, can either break the net, goalkeepers hands or end up in a completely different postal zone. If directed at a player, has been known to cause lose of limbs and teeth. If seen, stand well back.
That Korean goalkeeper performed heroics until the Chui Zi appeared out of nowhere and broke the guys face with his knee.
by Lenny.Banter April 22, 2006
Or more likely to be called the Gan Mao Zedong’s. Normally the preserve of foreign visitors (normally Westerners) to China. Has been known to affect people immediately after arrival. Can involve the following symptoms. The shits, runny shits, pink eye, very runny shits, explosive shits, firecracker shits (or ring of fire), vomiting, bile burps, hallucinations, bloating, sponsorship from toilet roll and plunger companies, amoebic dysentery, watery shits, shitty shits etc, wishing for death, will writing, itchiness in the upper colon, last rites, dramatic weight loss, a general feeling of discontent. Constipation is not a symptom.
a. “Where have you been all morning?”
b. “I had a touch of China Syndrome "
a. “Dude" with emotion, "Not the Gan Mao Zedong’s.
by Lenny.Banter April 22, 2006
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