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2 definitions by Lennifer Hopez

Music that will fill your veins like ...blood. Dubstep is a genre of music that can turn any time, place or person into a fuckin party. It is derived from the latin word Nosuchthingastoomuchbass. It is an orgasm for your ears (when produced correctly) that ejaculates bass lines into your brain getting you hooked, this is te process in which "bassheads" are born.
Hey girlfriend, come rage with me tonight at the Dubstep show. Womp. womp. womp. WoMp.
by Lennifer Hopez November 03, 2010
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A differential phrase used to question what is happening. Or as a response to someone/thing and their questionable ideas, clothing, face,etcetera.can be used in most any situation. except when in church. Derived from the common term "What the fuck" as a substitution for the coming of age spermling wanting to explore profain expression the classiest way, by substituting one swear word for another one.
"What the shit? I ordered that Fushigi 8 business days ago, and its still not here."
by Lennifer Hopez November 03, 2010
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