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Often used to refer to someone by the name of Cassandra, or Cassie, by someone who likes pandas, or knows the person in question likes pandas.

May also mean an overbearing arse-dagger, cunt-muffin, or a fiery-hell-demon poised to eliminate all life on earth filed by spite alone.
1) You're the tops, Cassapanda.
2) That bitch is such a Cassapanda.
3) I'd rather play Russian roulette with a clip loading pistol than tell Cassapanda that my dad shot a red panda during his tour.
4) I love you, Cassapanda.
by LeMoo December 05, 2012
1. To wangler someones breasts
2. used a derogatory term to describe just about anyone
1. whooooooa! id love to tit wangler her dude!
2. damn why are you such a tit wangler, fuck off!
by Lemoo April 27, 2007

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