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A person who intentionally fucks up a multiplayer game online for the benefit of his or her amusement, typically the goron uses hacks to completely devestate his or her team usually resulting in vicious remarks to said person.
e.g.(killing teamates, weapon-jacking, alerting members of the other team to your teams position, screaming into the mic or spamming)

Dude gtfo you goron
by LemonNormalGuy May 20, 2009
1. A high pitched sound made when the Y'incer removes his hand sliding it across his hair after tricking the Y'incie into a fake high five, this is normally done by the mentally handicapped as a form of amusement usually resulting in akward moments of silence.

2. Sometimes used as a substitution for everyday verbs (see examples)
Guy1: hey man high five *holds out his hand*
Guy2: *goes to high five guy1*
Guy1: *Pulls hand away and slides it across his hair* Y'INCE!!

Bobby:Dude jeff how was last night with karla
Jeff: Fuckin awesome she Y'inced my wee wee all night

OMG dude she totally Y'inced my wanker
by LemonNormalGuy May 20, 2009
1. Quite possibly the most formiddable number ever to be counted, It is derived from the latin term severa meaning "several" the number seven is typically used as a threat among gangs along the eastern coast as to the fact that seven is the largest number in the illiterate faction of gang members usually causing great confusion amongst all when uttered. Also seven is the number of deadly sins according to the bible making the number seven actually demonic in nature.

2. Seven also referred to as "Lucky Number Seven" ironically, the term is mostly used as respect torwards the number as angering it causes terrorism, earthquakes, and swine flu among the general population.
Hey kids remember if you dont worship seven..there'll be another 9/11

Father i have sinned....
There there my son your going to hell.....
Fuck you nigga im not going to hell im going to seven

Why is six afraid of seven?
Because seven's a nigga
by LemonNormalGuy May 21, 2009

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