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Verb. When an e-mail client (web-based or otherwise) sticks legitimate e-mail in the "Junk E-Mail" folder for no damn good reason.

Also: Any time an e-mail program or web client filters out a legitimate e-mail through a spam-filter or any other form of electronic bullshit.
"My e-mail address hasn't been verified? Damn Hotmail must have junkfoldered that request. Fuck 'em."
by Lemon Sawdust September 18, 2004
Noun. Used to imply that someone is making a great deal of simple typographical errors during an online chat session; esp. when the person fails to correct him or herself in a timely manner.
"We were chatting online, but he was totally wasted and was typing like a damn Willfingers."

"He was typing one-handed, but, so his friends wouldn't find out, he blamed it on the Willfingers."
by Lemon Sawdust September 30, 2004
A crass, humorously trademarked attempt at marketing a stereotypical vision of the "Wisconsin lifestyle." Frequently emblazoned upon t-shirts or sweatshirts, this term easily identifies people who are of below-average intelligence. Accordingly, many believe that wearing such a garment will make people think they are actually from Wisconsin, although this is never the case, as people actually born and raised in Wisconsin know just how ridiculous and sad the whole so-called "movement" is.
Person 1: "Yeah, I ate brats all day yesterday, and washed them down with a tall, cool Old Milwaukee! I'm such a sconnie, man!"
Person 2: "Shut up before I kill you. You are from Seattle."
by Lemon Sawdust November 05, 2006

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