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A new MMORPG being released by NCSoft for a Western audience. Previously released in South Korea and China, the game has enjoyed widespread acclaim as a potential challenger to the current undisputed market leader, World of Warcraft. NCSoft have assigned their Western counterparts ("NCWest") the task of making alterations - subtle and otherwise - to the game, in order for it to appeal more to a Western audience.

Due for release in September of 2009 in both the EU and North America, many hope that it will finally bring some competition to the world of MMO gaming, to the point of "fanboys" on both sides badmouthing eachothers' games.
Person A: "Hey, check this new MMO; it's called Aion. You can even fly! This is totally going to ruin WoW."

Person B: "I don't think it's going to *ruin* it, per se... WoW is still an excell-"

Person A: "Dude, what the hell?! AION IS BETTAR."

Person B: "NO U."

etc. etc.
by Leivan July 13, 2009
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