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Instinctual Eating. A dietary fad.

Instinctos are fanatical adherents of the Cro-Magnon diet. No seriously. Instinctos only eat fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, insects, seafood, meats and anything that they "instinctually" hunger for. As long as what they are instinctually hungering for is totally raw and unprepared in anyway (no spices and no mixing of foods).

While having much in common with their fellow health store nutjobs (raw-foodists, adherents of the so called paleo-diet, primal diet, vegetarians and vegans) they are often viciously derided by them for consuming the raw flesh of animals.

It can be said that zombies adhere to a strictly instincto diet.
I am so sick of trying to cater to people's trendy diets. Melissa went from being a vegan to an instincto and now we can't go out to eat at any restaurants. Her idea of dinner is grazing in a field or disemboweling rabbits.
by Leisure Class Hero April 12, 2011
(n) Bakefeets is an American bastardization of the Dutch word for "box bicycle": bakfiets.

Bakefeets are trendy bikes or trikes with a box mounted on the front. They can be seen in most "progressive" cities and are used by greener-than-though glamour MILFs to schlep their groceries and crotchlings around.
I.AM.SO.FUCKING.SICK. of smug yuppies hogging the entire road with their bakefeets going 0.2 mph.

Why the hell did she pay $5,000 for a bakefeets when she already has a Burley bike trailer gathering dust in your garage?
by Leisure Class Hero December 15, 2011

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