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What an RPG should be.
If final fantasy wants to stay alive, they need to look back to this game for wisdom.
by Legendary Nick May 28, 2005
The best baseball team ever. Not much more can be said about that. They will always be better than the Red Sox. My grandkids will proudly chant "2004."
The Red Sox rub dicks with eachother in the shower rooms
by Legendary Nick May 28, 2005
My favorite word of all time
I am legendary, because i said so
by Legendary Nick February 12, 2005
PS1 and PC rpg. Is slightly overrated. It was good, but not as good as 8.
Brainwashed FF7 junkie: "I dont care what you say, ff7 pwns all"

Me: "Keep telling yourself that..."
by Legendary Nick May 28, 2005

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