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The Grade 8 class in high school, they think there all hardcore and cocky, they crowd hallways, and carry their backpacks with all their binders and text books in it making their backpack 24" fat or even fatter. All you have to do to get past the grade 8s is just push them or their backpacks. The best thing about them carry their big bags is if you push their backbag they will do a 360 spin and fall over if you push them hard enough. OH and for some strange reason the Grade 8s get shorter and shorter every year.
Aaron - "Damn grade 8s"
Ryan - "I know theres too many of them"
Aaron - "I just push their backpacks, they will do a 360 and tumble over" (Pushes back packs of grade 8 midgets)
Ryan - "HAHAHA"
by Legendary December 20, 2006

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