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Big, teased up hairdo popular with young American women in the 1980s. Best described as a perm/mullet with a clump of hair up front that resembles the claw of a large animal - a bear, for example. Owes its names to a town north of Atlanta, Georgia.
Sheila is excited about attending her first concert tonight. She plans to accessorize her acid-wash denim and Reebok high tops with a stylish Kennesaw Claw.
by LegendOutlaw October 15, 2010
Form of pseudo-blues performed by a quartet or quintet of old, white men. The group usually features predictable guitar lines, fatigued saxophones, and enervated harmonicas.

One or more of the performers may be required to eat a fistful of blood thinners to last the entire set.

Practitioners of this form believe "Blues Brothers" is the best movie ever made and that Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton are the best guitar players to ever live.

This music is usually heard at an outdoor, summer family festival or a fall chili cooking contest.
Steve: Hey, remember that crappy tired white man blues band we saw at the book festival last year?
Allen: Oh yeah, with that saxophone player wearing the stupid Blind Faith t-shirt.
Steve: Remember they had to stop half-way through "I'm a Soul Man" because somebody charged the stage with a revolver?
Allen: Right, I think a couple of event volunteers hung themselves after that set.
Steve: Good times, good times.
by LegendOutlaw December 06, 2009
Puking after drinking too much.
My stomach is in a Whiskey Rebellion. I never should have pounded those five Jameson shots.
by LegendOutlaw May 27, 2009
Using an iPhone (or another smart phone) while peeing at a urinal at the bar.
One of my favorite forms of multitasking is iPeeing.
by LegendOutlaw April 29, 2010
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