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When a man puts his arm around a woman's arm and begins to Jack himself Off while the women fingers herself. its helps by keeping both on beat. Can also Become a Triplet if its 2 Girls and a guy in the middle.
Jon: Hey man last night i had a Duet
Bill: Really?!
Jon: but not just any kind
Bill: what kind is it?
Jon: A Dutch Duet!!!
Bill: No Way!!! can i try
Jon: if i do it with you than it will be a Quearet.
Bill: Awww!
Jon: you Homo
by Legato V4V May 14, 2009
Manny Moe is a nickname given to a male friend, classmate, or co-worker who follows more of the hip-hop trend. A Manny Moe has the tendency to make up his free-styles at any random time and raps them when he does. A Manny Moe happens to make most of his raps from randoms words that he would hear.
Kurk : yo, don is a freakin Manny Moe.
Jimm : what makes you say that?
Kurk : he keeps on randomly rapping about any big word i say!
by Legato V4V May 14, 2009
A Quarf occures is when a man's is masturbating and beings to make a slimy sound. Mostley happens when he hasnt cleaned off the seemen from the previous masturbation, also known as a Fish Dick (Smelly Dick) which is simalar to Fish Taco (smelly vagina) for women.
bill: man, stop jacking off!!
joe: how can you tell im stroking softley
bill: well you dick keeps on Quarfing.
by Legato V4V May 14, 2009

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