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4 definitions by Lefter Gasping

1.) Legend
2.) Patriots Killer
Eli Manning is now a bonafide New York Legend.
by Lefter Gasping February 03, 2008
1.) to have a crush on someone
2.) to be obsessed with someone or something
I think she's all humphried up over that guy.

I'm all humphried up about Doritos.
by Lefter Gasping January 21, 2008
when a girl is a 10 in all three vital categories: face, body, personality. hence, 10 x 3 = 30.

That girl is fine. She's a dime. But that one over there is a thirty piece.
by lefter gasping April 24, 2008
1.) the female equivalent of douche bag
2.) a word that bridges the gap between Bitch and C U Next Tuesday.
That girl had way too much to drink, and she acted like a total jock strap all night.

What's her name? Oh yeah, she's kinda strappy, right?

Fuck you, you jock strap.
by Lefter Gasping February 01, 2008