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2 definitions by Leet13pwnr

A z1g is very similar to a n00b. It is a more harsh way to make fun of a n00b. If a n00b becomes excessivly n00bish they become a z1g. To "take off" a z1g is to kill, destory, defeat, or demoralize them in some way.
An even harsher word to call a z1g by is z1ggy n00b.
Tommy was a z1g before he became n@t@$.
by Leet13pwnr April 17, 2005
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An extremely harsh word to call a n00b by. It means realatively the same thing but is just plain meaner.
Tommy is a N@T@$, earlier he was only a z1g.
by Leet13pwnr April 17, 2005
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