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Hair Metal is an ambiguous term applied to almost any metal band from the 80's by hipsters and often - ironically - former fans of these bands. It is not a single musical genre that can be classified by musicologists in terms of keys, modes, writing styles, et cetera. It was a visual image cultivated by the record companies and shared by several bands.

Hair Metal as a whole is not much different than alternative or grunge in the early nineties. A few original bands started the scene and the record companies molded every other band in the "alternative" image until they milked it dry. The music had almost nothing to do with any kind of genre. The RHCP were as much a part of the scene as Nirvana, Sonic Youth, REM, Violent Femmes, and Pearl Jam. The only common thread was they all wore plaid!

I really had to laugh when someone mentioned earlier how Alice in Chains had more substance than any number of hair bands. Apparently there are people who have no idea that Alice in Chains actually started out as a glam metal band complete with lipstick makeup and big cheazy hair. No wonder why he over-dosed..........

Or how bout Weezer. Bet you never knew Rivers Cuomo was in a hair band called zoom.

two words:

metal sludge

lord knows what's hiding in your favourite bands past
Hair Metal, Alice In Chains, Weezer, Glam Metal, Rivers Cuomo
by Lee manestro November 16, 2006

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