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6 definitions by Lee Simi

1) A legendary drunkard who wanders the streets. see hobo or bum
2) A skank
1) That tramp looks drunk
2) Stay away you manky tramp
by Lee SImi June 29, 2004
1075 662
A Mage from Baldur's Gate the First
Fear Xan, he is a mage, and can transform you into a bear. Fear Xan
by Lee Simi July 24, 2004
48 35
1) An amazing series of films about two cops who end up being really great friends, and have a travelling saxaphonist following them around all the time (you'll know if you have seen the films)
2) A person who is lethal in many forms of combat
1) Lethal Weapon 4 is the best of the series, because of Chris Rock and the immense humour
2) I am a lethal weapon. Fear me
by Lee Simi July 18, 2004
25 12
Sleeping or Napping
"Where have you been? "
by Lee SImi June 29, 2004
18 6
1) A mage in training
2) A fully qualified mage who is deemed unworthy to have such a title (used as an insult by higher mages)
1) I am a mageling studying at Harvard
2) Get out of my sight, you stupid unworthy mageling. Get back to your mother
by Lee Simi July 24, 2004
9 2
A slag of the highest proportions. Can, if you are talented enough, in conjunction with your mother for a really stanky insult
Hey dude
Your mother is a shag bucket
by Lee Simi July 18, 2004
6 3