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A very slutty woman that's on the larger side.
"Heard that fatty over there is real easy.. but you gotta be real desperate to bring home that chunkawhorus!"
by Led Sub November 13, 2009
Someone has lost a great deal of weight and is skinny for the first time in their life.
Jenny showed up at her highschool reunion as a skinnew and no one recognized her.
by Led Sub November 13, 2009
Someone that eats or snorts a lot of oxycontin.
Wow, Karen takes a lot of pills. People are starting to call her an oxyhead behind her back.
by Led Sub November 15, 2009
Someone that you think could possibly be a homosexual.
"Call me crazy, but I got a strong homo hunch that Gary has feelings for Tod"
by Led Sub November 13, 2009
A straight woman that makes passes at other women when she is under the influence of alcohol.
Did you see Sally try to kiss Jenny? She never acts like that sober. What a bi-curi-lush!
by Led Sub November 01, 2010

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