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The act of grasping a light-sabre between ones butt cheeks and battling to the death.
by Lectins Toad July 19, 2009
A large beard like protrusion of hair from the anus.
Dude, I've got a wicked dragons beard going on down there!
by Lectins Toad September 21, 2009
Exhibiting a distinct lack of care towards a negative situation. Behaving with reckless intent. Synonymous with tomfoolery, shenanigans etc.

Originating from a photograph taken of a seagull post falcon attack. The falcon had removed the neck of the seagull leaving only a bloodied spine. To which the seagull stood up and continued on as if its neck were still in place.
"Stop all this seagullery you lot!"

"I heard that he jumped off a bridge?"
"Yeah man, he was showing some serious seagullery that night."
by Lectins Toad September 12, 2013
An prominent expulsion of semen from the penis resulting in an explosion of starchy substance.
Mum said she had to wash my sock three times after I dropped a starch bomb in it.
by Lectins toad September 11, 2013
The act of forcing ones rectum into a prolapsed state in order to delay study or work.
'How much work did you get done tonight Stu?'
'Not enough man, I just did prolapstination all night.'
'Sounds repulsive Stu. Repulsive.'
by Lectins Toad September 04, 2014

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