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The spoon that comes with a Frosty ordered from Wendy's fast food resaurant. the spoon which you use to eat a Frost, a frosty spoon.
Son of a bitch, they shorted me on the fpoon, now ill have to use a regular spoon.

Ha, weird, they gave me two fpoons even though i only ordered one frosty.
by LebowskiMan May 11, 2006
Can be substituted for almost any noun in any phrase or sentence, usually to describe someone or somethign funny that seems ridiculous or idiotic.
Wow man, I can't believe he just ate that whole pineapple with the skin, what a doogison.

Ahh, I can't believe I failed that test even though it was open note, open book, and we could ask the teacher questions, I'm such a doogison!
by LebowskiMan May 11, 2006

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