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2 definitions by LearnR

Someone completely devoid of any semblance of math skills. Likely going to major in some liberal arts/language program and earn a paltry salary, regretting their childhood.
Kristi was quite the mathtard in class today. She thought pi was somewhere between 2 and 3.
by LearnR July 26, 2009
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The AICE program (Advanced International sic Certificate of Education) is an pseudo-advanced college preparatory program developed by a single university in England in 2002. Students of the AICE, despite appearing to be free-thinking individuals, are actually mindless dolts who found themselves rejected from the more prestigious, critically-acclaimed, and far more distinguished International Baccalaureate Programme. One could surmise, given AICE's recent conception, that the entire concept is derived from those who were rejected from the International Baccalaureate Programme as students. The general consensus of AICE among the IB community (and the academic establishment as a whole) is one of pity and sorrow for their lowly counterparts. Despite this, IB students will often engage in public mockery of these inferior pseudo-intellectual dimwits. Ergo, sod off!

In other words, Natural Selection of the academic world at its finest.
You're an AICE student, Oh my God, I am sooooo sorry. Please accept my dearest condolences.

AICE, pronounced ACE, because they are illiterate.

Tommy had high hopes for making it into the prestigious IB Programme, but when he discovered he was in fact rejected, and to avoid academic humiliation in the inferior AICE Program sic, he hanged himself. Poor Tommy.
by LearnR November 25, 2009
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