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an emo haircut does not necessarily have to be short and hidden face sort of thing though it is usually of that fashion.
the stereotype for an emo goth haircut is as follows;

girls: shoulder length or shorter usually with lots of layers - often cut themselves, dyes such as black and red, black and blond, blond and brown etc (two natural colours) - Usually a side fringe that covers one eye. sometimes with small bunches or braid at the back though the front section will be left floppy.

boys: anti-mullet style will a flip over fringe. usually brown, black red or black-blue. sometimes an all over mullet thought the fringe will stay the same all the time.

As you can see this can be a very nice style and is often accompanied with dark eye makeup and a light colored face. sometimes a tattoo if a teardrop underneath the visible eye
an emo haircut is good looking dark coloured - stands out from usual haircuts - ALWAYS WITH A SIDE FRINGE COVERING ONE OR PART OF ONE EYE
by LeahRebecca November 17, 2006

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