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(Yiffer)Pronounced (Y-I-ph-r)-see (Furry) Slang for Furry. Basically Yiffers are hardcore furrys who dress up in animal costumes and have orgys. Yiffers have an unhealthy obsession with human like animals and have massive "Fur Conventions" and Furry Hentai websites. It is common for them to display animal characteristics. In many cases Yiffers think they are an animal like a fox or wolf, trapped in a human body.
*Not to be confused with beastuality.... but both equally screwed up
That guys a Yiffer! He just growled at me!
by Leafman April 18, 2009
An exessive fear of Furrys, Yiffers and of Furry art
Joe: What?
Bob: i saw a mascot walk by
Joe: You must have FuriPhobia
by Leafman April 18, 2009
opposite of Urbandouche urbandate is when somone trys to make a definition on urbandictonary about how much they love somebody
Joe: i made jenny an URBANDATE for her birthday
Bob: ...
Bob: nice
by Leafman April 18, 2009
Urbandouches are people who try to add a definition on Urbandictonary or randomly enter chat rooms and spew hate about one specific person.
Joe: hows life?
Bob: good
"Sed has enterd the chat room"
Joe: hi...
Sed: OmG jEnNIfEr IS a TOTally BItCH!!!!! shES fAt aND HaS no FRIENds!!!!!
Bob: who are you?
"Sed has left the chat room"
Joe: what an URBANDOUCHE
by Leafman April 18, 2009

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