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After looking at a person for the 3rd time, you fall in love.
3rd time's the charm!
Lea: I think I've experienced it...
Angie: Experience what?
Lea: Love at 3rd sight!
by LeMap December 10, 2010
Said right after someone says 'no homo' to further imply their homosexuality.
-Guy 1 hugs Guy 2-
Guy 1: No homo, man.
Guy 2: Dude, so homo.
by LeMap November 11, 2010
When one views a fictional scene, photo, or literary work

(especially in anime) that 'gives them chills', excites them, or makes them 'spazz out'.
Yeah! It gave me a FanGirl Boner!
by LeMap November 11, 2010
To scratch someone everywhere on their body, giving them immense pleasure.
Girl 1: Last night was amazing!
Girl 2: What happened?
Girl 1: Jared gave me a scratch down! <3
by LeMap December 10, 2010

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