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A actor or actress who tend to act in plays/musicals on the live stage. Most thespians become a thespian thru a national organization called THE NATIONAL THESPAIANS TROOP, while they are in high school/college productions. Anyone, including crew and pit can become thespians. They just need the madatory 10 credits from shows they have done/been in. Once they have the 10 credits they can be inducted into the National Troop.
"Suzie was in5 plays and earned her 10 credits. This means she can finally become a thespian!."
by LeBlanc November 05, 2006
Scrandols isn't necessarily a word in itself, but more of a sound that's made when trying to confirm similar brainless activity in others. Hipsters Posers out of Lafayette Louisiana 'coined' this term yet are unaware of any significance it ever had so it's like an animal call for nothing. It is possible that the etymology of the word once had something to do with a demographic, but everyone was too afraid to inquire so it became meaningless again.
"Scrandols. Please kill me before it's too late."
by Leblanc January 15, 2014
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