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Still a Canada's province (sad) for about 3 years. Québec is the best province to get drunk especially on June 24 where Québecer celebrate the St-Jean Baptiste (their national festival).

The government keep the legal age to vote under 18 years old to make sure that nobody vote for the "Parti Québécois", a sovereignist party that want the Québec to be a country.

English speaking Canadian hate French Quebecer.
French Quebecer hate English speaking Canadian.
English speaking Quebecer are not real Quebecer.

The "Poutine" as been originaly made in Québec with french fries, cheese and brown sauce.

Quebecer are realy intelligent. They can speak 2 language. They all speak French and a lot of them can speak english very well with a nice accent. They totaly beat the english-speaking Canadian who don't want to learn other language.

They have their own dialect starting with Tabarn*k, c*alis, cri*ss, es*i, cibo*re, moé, toé, check (mean "look").

If you want to be friend with a Quebecer, give him a beer.
1) Normal Quebecer: Vive le Québec libre!
2) Normal Quebecer: Bièèèère!
3) Normal Quebecer: Tabarn*k ça fait mal
by Le Jeu June 15, 2009

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