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Refering to sperm from a man.
Then I put a load of man-juice in her hair! Right on!
by Le Buk Sportif^ December 23, 2003
You suck at the internet: A person who is not familiar with the internet and does not know what forums and chat is..

General form of writing this word:

j00 suxx0rs @(t) teh internet!
d00d! Go buy a Internet 4 dummies manual. j00 suxx0rs @ teh internet


Play0r33: Where can I download Divx (Matrix Reloaded)

|33t haxx0r-Admin-: j00 suxx0rs @ teh internet!
by Le Buk Sportif^ September 06, 2003
Often used in games like Counter Strike when you humiliate the oponent with an easy kill... Owned / Ownage

The N33rds always type 0wnag3.. that figures :D
Ohhh! I iz teh r0xxor! I owned @ CD with teh knife!!

"friend" owned @ eating less food than me.
by Le Buk Sportif^ September 06, 2003

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