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Novice...Not just a town, A town full of rich kids who have nothing to do but spend daddies money on kicks, weed and a way out...
ok here we go, do-re-mi-fa-so, I'm so la-di-da so
lyrical rise flow, give back the tobasco
you mother f**kers mustsanot know the tic tac songs
time to show you the mo kick ass flow in the cosmos
Picasso with a pick axe a sick shole
she tac toe frozen six pack with exacto
knives, strangling wives with pig lasso
few bags of the green grass, zig zags, im with the doc so
you know how that go, skull and crossbones
this is poison, the boys and girls who do not know
you do not want to try this at home my novato

this is niether the time or the place to get macho
so crack a six pack, sit back with some nachos
maybe some popcorn, and watch the show and just rock slow
it's not what you expected, tho what you thought though
bout time to you wake the f**k up smell the pot smoke
by LazyD May 24, 2011

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