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When you're on top during a 69 and you sit up and drop a filthy diarrhea splat on your lovers chest. This leaves them on their back, hands and legs flailing in the air like a turtle turned on its shell.
After dinner last night my girl couldn't wait for me to give her a Saskatoon Sloppy Turtle.
by Lazy Larry Lord January 05, 2009
When a crazy redneck from Maineville Ohio gets blacked out drunk on Jim Beam and performs analingus on his fiance while she is passed out. He swirls his tongue in a tornado motion while fingering his belly button and shouting obscenities.
I had so much Jim Beam last night, I think I gave my wife's mom a Maineville Tornado.

Judging from the taste in my mouth this morning...I'd say I gave the old lady a Maineville Tornado last night.
by Lazy Larry Lord January 05, 2009
(V)The act of snacking on your girlfriend after you've had your way with her. This is usually done using a straw or wooden spoon
I'm goin over to my Old Lady's house for a Sweat Snack and a movie.

by Lazy Larry Lord January 02, 2009
When your banging your girlfriend on the pullout couch at your buddies and his mom comes running down the stairs. This causes you to tuck your erection back in your pants and roll off of your girlfriend.
Her mom came running down the stairs and I had to perform my pattented Tuck and Roll to avoid getting caught banging her daughter.
by Lazy Larry Lord January 02, 2009

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