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Singapore was a group of tribal women who are notoriously capable of using all your life savings in less than a minute. Singaporeans are women who feeds on gossips and jealously to evolve. What they have, others cannot have better. What they want to have, cannot be the same with what a rival has. What they want, they must all want it first and more. They also crawl up to Caucasian men (who are easier to manipulate) and use these men for advertising and bitching purpose, and of course to use up all their money. Slowly, it developed into a wealthy and developed country that is today thanks to their goddess, Kiasu, who lives on in the hearts of every Singaporean.
British: Damn man my Singaporean turned all my life savings to branded bags! She said it's a good investment and insurance! Fuck it, I can't eat bags!

American: Oh man you been owned dude. Maybe you can have mine from Vietnam, she is definitely low maintenance and a wise investor too. Thanks to her investment, I've got my 18th child now.
by Lazuli Lapis June 20, 2009
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