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When a flight attendant rams into your knee, ankle, foot or any other body part with the service cart, you've suffered a flight atten-dent. Usually they are only minimally contrite because they view your presence on their flight as a necessary evil.
Man, my knee is still throbbing from that flight atten-dent I got when she was busy talking as she pushed the cart right at me.
by Lazarus727 March 17, 2011
Enjoyable, and sometimes frivolous, recreational acts of the type likely to be performed on a Friday afternoon (e.g. playing pool, drinking beer, watching sports or goofing off.) Derived from the German word "Freitag" which means "Friday."
Gail, Stan and I met down at the Hog's Breath Saloon for one last round of Key West freitaggerie before heading back to the condo to pack up for the trip home.
by Lazarus727 February 23, 2010
(noun): An immigrant who has escaped his country of birth to come to the United States to perform migrant worker tasks, usually landscaping and the like on a daily assignment basis.
Tommy picked up three land-escapers for $20 an hour from the Home Depot parking lot to help him uproot some trees in his backyard.
by Lazarus727 February 12, 2010
A physical condition whereby the insides of a person's huge nostrils are visible merely by looking at them head on; there is no need to bend down to look at them from below. Specifically, said person is possessed of two large nostrills, not unlike the continent/nation of Australia.
I totally was digging that chick I met on-line until she showed up at the bar sporting a severe case of nostralia that wasn't visible in her profile photo. I could see all the way up to her brain without tilting my head a bit. The good news was that I could see she wasn't harboring any boogers.
by Lazarus727 December 02, 2010

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