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A n00bxorz is someone who totaly forgot the sens of his life on earth ,and spend his whole time like a Nerd or some kinda g33ks (geeks) on chans , or Mmorpg everlasting...Doing mistakes on his expressions or sentences making the other laugh at him.
A n00bxor (pl : n00bxors) always think he is in the right path ,but he's still in the wrong way. Anyhow. In all cases of matters.
Syn : n00bxorss ,nj00bxaurz , davioxorz.
-j00'r teh pwned , n00bxorz !
-I've PG%Med diss nj0000bxaurs at GAUNTLET.
-Ohhh OMG WTH NGG joo don't rulzz davioxorz , pain jaquet's better than jU.
by Lazareth May 11, 2006
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