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A mild form of autism, that only a selected special few of the population have. The biggest assets of this disorder are often characterized as the biggest curses.

Aspies have a hard time making friends in a world, mainly becuase their high IQ's, literal imagination, and superior adherence to company and school rules and respect for authority.

Tragically since Aspies are essentially just a more moral and intelligent version of NT's their social abnormalities make them "geeky" and "nerdy" and their non-understanding of social cues make them seem like assholes.

Living in a neurotypical world with NT's the majority of who would rather remain ignorant and alienating then seek to understand AS does not help, nor does it help to claim that you have AS to excuse your idiotic and asshole behaviour.

Asperger Syndrome is not the problem in our world. Ignorance is!
Nick has Asperger Syndrome. He may be frank and honest, dress differently than others and obsess about horses and motorcycles, avoid eye contact and appear alone. He likes Spongebob. He is secretlly a genius, who will discover a cure for cancer and create a new language by the year 2050
by Layla87 September 30, 2011
The common, incorrect NT pronounciation of the autism spectrum disorder Asperger's.

Most people who says ass burgers (fake) don't have a clue about the spelling or the actual condition of Asperger's (real), and many would rather stay that way.

It's a shame, because any idiot can have Ass Burgers, but it takes a selected few from the population to have Asperger's
Fred is ignorant idiot and has Ass Burgers. Thomas is a geeky but gifted genius with Asperger's
by Layla87 September 30, 2011

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