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4 definitions by LayDownDarlingSoICanMeasureYou

An Irish boy for which a pub is named after. It's not his butt, I promise
We done dropped a pretzel in the wee man's hole!
Oscar Wilde, my favorite poof author in the world. Why he's hidden, I dont know.
Lookin for love in all the wrong poets (no I wouldn't know Liz, and I do not have past experience with them. Pervert!If anyone its you and old Professor Muldoon!)
oh yeah! I have the song and you cAnt listen to it! bllllllll! And i'm too foxy for the wabbit
Liz B. may not like E. and J. Kalkus, but she sure fancies Faggius Williams
A phrase that dear Russel Crowe says in his movie, though he's old enough to be my father. Disgusting!!!!!
We'll run like smoke and oakum. Put out our pocket handkerchiefs if we have to.