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3 definitions by Laxin MoFo

I DP-109'd her ass for mouthing off.
by Laxin MoFo June 02, 2004
2 2
The shits, in a can
Man, I drank the beast last night and now I can't get of the hopper.
by Laxin MoFo June 02, 2004
18 22
An environmentalist who attempts to save a tree by wrapping their body around it. Most are completely idiotic or completely brain washed. Also, they don't think of all the meat, plants, trees, water, etc. that has been killed or polluted by their mere existence. They should do the world a favor and create a human mulch pile out of themself.
Headline: A tree hugger was killed today in a futile attempt to save a freakin tree. Don't fret, hedid make something of his life, mulch.
by Laxin MoFo June 02, 2004
67 104