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1 definition by LaverDoo

A kid who partakes in the fashion of "the scene". Typically highschool age kids. Scene refers to the music scene, which includes music with screaming, breakdowns, and fast tempos. This music is often referred to as screamo. Scene kids typically wear tight clothing (both girls and boys), with things such as scarves, chains, and skating shoes. Piercings and tattoos are a large part of the scene style as well. Both scene girls and boys wear their hair straightened, and also usually have their hair colored. They also wear makeup, regardless of sex. Many scene kids go to shows often, and they typically stay within their own social group. Not to be confused with goths or emos.
That chick over there with straightened black and blonde hair, with super tight pants, a super tight v-neck, wearing DC's, a chain, a white studded belt, and a red and black scarf is a scene chick.
by LaverDoo October 14, 2012
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