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A phrase meaning to do nothing, often with a negative connotation.

The noun equivalent would be a Dick Counter.
Dude, its so nice outside today, why not stop counting your dick and go outside?
by Laver April 29, 2007
When you decide that a reaction is actually stronger than it first appears. This word is based on the fact that you start to say "Shit" but then decide a stronger word is necessary, thus the "Fuck".
guy 1: Dude did you study for that huge test?
guy 2: Sh-fuck man...no I forgot!
by Laver May 07, 2007
An adjective that is synonymous with "Gay"
Dude 1: Hey, I just watched Brokeback Mountain last night
Dude 2: I didn't need to know that you assprone SOB
by Laver June 12, 2007
A synonym for your Dick
Dude I just stuck my fuckstock in Jill last night...
by Laver June 12, 2007
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