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Bro Town is the much loved New Zealand cartoon which takes the piss out of everything New Zealanders are too sensitive too actually admit or are worried about saying because the Maori, Samoan, Tongan, or general Polynesian mix will smash them for saying. It has created many common phrases in New Zealand such as Morning Side 4 Life!, Peyow, Peyow!, and I'm going to the pub, I may be some time... It also takes the piss out of F.O.B pronounciations of English such as 'Peer' for 'Beer'
"Bro Town jus ran its las epysoyd ow"
"Fuck Morning Side 4 Life, Otara where the thugs at!"
"I'd like to Peyow, Peyow her."
by Lavalava June 23, 2009

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