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1 definition by LavaPanther

Someone who makes each moment you're in his presence count! In a room full of people he easily captures your attention. He's spontaneous and fun. Always ready for the next adventure. He's out to find the truth in life and if you happen to meet him along this journey you can count yourself lucky. He's down for most anything if it's exciting and provides a thrill. As a people loving extrovert, he always provides his friends with live entertainment. As an intense observer, he's always watching and observing what's going on around him even when you think he isn't. Friendship, family and love are serious to him and if he considers you in his circle you have someone who will lay his life down for you.
When you look back on your life and reflect on the really interesting moments that meant something you'll say, "Hey, Gabriel was there!"
by LavaPanther September 13, 2011